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Barranquilla is an industrial port city located in northern Colombia on the west bank of the Magdalena River where its mouth flows into the Caribbean Sea. The capital of the Atlántico Department with an approximate population of 1,148,506 as of 2005. It's Colombia's fourth most populous city after Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. The city is home to one of the most recognised folk and cultural festivals of Colombia, the Carnival of Barranquilla, which was declared a National Cultural Heritage by the Congress of Colombia in 2001. The Carnival is second only in size to Rio's, in Brazil, but much more authentic. It's the largest street parade in Colombia with dance, music and masquerade parades. Voted as one of South America's "Must See Events!"

Most folks get to Barranquilla by flying into the airport "Ernesto Cortissoz" which is located at the far south side of the city. Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, was built in Barranquilla in 1919, which made it the first airport in South America. The airport offers domestic and international flights.


Taking a taxi from the airport the fare is usually USD$8-12 getting to the city center. Consider taking buses as they run by the terminal and will get you into the city for about $0.55 or less. Though taking a taxi may be the best option for the newcomer. As of January 2011, the minimum fare is now 6.000 pesos(3.35 USD). Take into consideration they may more a bit more expensive at night time, Sundays, on national Holidays or during rush hour. Taxis in Barranquilla do not have a meter: The fare is decided by the driver on the basis of distance, travel time and daytime vs nighttime. The most you should ever be charged for an in town trip is 16.000 pesos ($8.50 USD). Be persusaive and talk the fare down as the "Gringo" tax will always be considered by the driver.

Barranquilla has a tropical savanna climate so expect it will be hot all-year-round. What makes this city so hot is the high levels of humidity. Like most Colombian cities the weather is constant year round and pegged for the relative location it is found. The average temperature is 28.4 °C (85 °F). Daytime temperature usually remains around 32 °C (90 °F).Some noticable weather changes happen from late November to early April, trade winds more or less cool it to a more comfortable temperature during the day. Though this city is known to have an "endless summer." Sometimes during evening hours and through the night, temperature can change due to the strong winds it's known to receive.

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Rainy seasons are from April to June and from August to November, when some streets flood producing "arroyos" (streams) that can be very dangerous, given the lack of adequate rain drainage in some areas of town. A few of my friends living there, I notice in conversation talk about the flooding known to exsist during this time. This season (with the exception of July which can be a little drier) you should expect for some showers most days with them becoming more intense towards the end of August and during September going into October before it begins getting drier again in November. No need for worry as it does not have hurricanes as found further north across the Caribbean During the rainy season. Keep in mind sudden Tropical Storms can bring impressive thunderstorms and dump a huge amount of water on the city in a short amount of time.



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