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Colombia Money, Colombian Peso...

Colombia money or the Colombian peso is pretty easy to understand. It's the exchange rate or the money currency that takes practice in mastering on the spot. Nothing to worry about with the Colombian Peso because you don't need to be a mathematician. With Colombia money and spending it, is going to be much less than you're accustomed to now.

Most major cities will have banks that will exchange your currency into the Colombian Peso. Really though this may be a hassle and an extra needless step. Saying this only because travelling you'll only possibly need a couple hundred bucks for "emergency" situations. Exchanging for Colombia money can be done almost any International airport.

Travelers Cheques are not your best convenient source of cash or spending. I would take a few with you just for emergency cash situations.

I travel a lot to Colombia & use my bank debit card because I'm not charged a foreign currency exchange fee so I use my debit card to get cash. I do get charged $5.00 to pull out cash...which I only do once or twice in a 15-20 day period for stuff like taxi's.

For purchases I use a pre-paid Capital One MasterCard. My ONLY charge is 1% of the purchase. I add funds to the card via the Internet & bank transfers. For safety I only load $500.00 at a time. With any pre-paid card you plan on using, set up the Internet bank transfer a few weeks before leaving to test that it's working properly.

If you use credit or debit cards be sure to notify the bank & credit card issuer the dates you're out of the country & to where you're traveling. Make sure you get 24 hour number if a problem occurs. Preferably a 24 hour International number.

I've listed some links to ATM finders & to Capital One. I'm sure there are other methods as I've used them with my many trips. The ones I outlined work best for me for my travels & expenditures in Colombia.

Happy Travels & Many Blessings!

Also I've included a link to Ally Bank. My wife recently opened an account & we are going to use this card exclusively because our research shows it's a flat 1% fee from cash withdraws to purchases. That adds up to a savings to us!....but again we haven't employed this method yet. So as for the accuracy, it hasn't been tested yet.

Please send us your methods through the Input Form below. Help other travelers to have a better & less hassle of a trip!


The smallest paper "bill" is 1,000 next is 2,000 then 5,000 then 10,000 then 20,000 and finally 50,000. Below is the currency showing front & back of each bill.

Dealing with coins you have 20 pesos, 50 pesos, 100 pesos, 200 pesos, and finally 500 pesos.








Great Links:
Capital One Pre-Paid Card
Colombia ATM Locator
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